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              AFV CLUB was founded in 1990. Production military proportional model.

              The main products are armored vehicles made of plastic injection.

              AFV Club (137)

              AFV CLUB 1/35 M51A2 5 Ton Dump Truck Engineering vehicle


              KASL Hobby 1/32 F-16A/B MLU Vertical Tail conversion for Academy & AFV CLUB


              AFV CLUB 1/35 YPR-765 PRAT anti-tank vehicle twin-TOW Missile Launcher


              AFV CLUB 1/32 F-117A HAVE GLASS II Anti-reflection Coating For Canopy Nighthawk


              KASL Hobby 1/48 F-5F Tiger II C Type Cockpit Set Resin detail upgrade set for AFV CLUB


              AFV CLUB 1/35 centurion Tracklink workable for all type


              AFV Club 1/35 British TANK Destroyer FV4005 STAGE II Armor vehicle


              AFV CLUB 1/700 ROC Navy Perry class Frigate MING-CHUAN / FENG-JIA


              AFV CLUB 1/32 A-10A HAVE GLASS II Anti-reflection Coating For Canopy


              AFV CLUB 1/32 F-16 B/D/F HAVE GLASS II Anti-reflection Coating For Canopy


              AFV CLUB 1/35 T97E2 early Track workable M60 M48 M88A1


              AFV CLUB 1/32 R.O.C Air force F-16AM Block 20 Fighting FALCON Viper


              AFV CLUB QF-104G ROC Air FORCE Starfighter Q-series egg plane AFQs04


              AFV CLUB SUPER HORNET F/A-18E Multirole Fighter Q-series egg plane AFQ007


              AFV CLUB 1/35 Australia Army M113A1 LRV 1980 Transitional Model


              AFV CLUB NATO Type F-16 AM Q-series egg plane AFQ005

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