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              That enriches your imagination and brings your fancy back to the real historic battlefields. Professionalism and quality are our priority.
              The main products are armored vehicles and soldiers made of resin materials.

              HOBBY FAN (36)

              Hobby fan 1/48 UH-60M Resin Conversion for Italeri kits R.O.C army Decals


              Hobby Fan 1/35 Vietnam War Power Cat Tactical Assault Boat Resin kit


              hobby fan 1/35 LVTP5 Interior upgarde set resin


              Hobby fan 1/35 U.S Green Berets with Javelin Missile 1 figure & Dog


              Hobby fan 1/35 R.O.C army INTERNATINAL 7400 Truck Full Resin kit


              Hobby Fan 1/35 HMMWV Recon 1 conversin set for ACADEMY Hummer Humvee


              Hobby fan 1/350 U.S NAVY LCT MK.6 WAVE / LANDING BASE


              Hobby fan 1/700 WAVE base for AFV CLUB OLIVER HAZARD PERRRY class frigate


              Hobby fan 1/700 WAVE base for AFV CLUB KNOX Class frigate


              Hobby fan 1/35 VIETNAM War Australian Army Infantry & M113 Crew 2 figures


              hobby fan 1/35 ARVN M113 Series crew in Vietnam war 2 figures w/ M1969 FLAK VEST


              hobby fan 1/35 IDF M113 crew & infantry 3 figures & Accessories resin


              AFV CLUB 1/35 U.S ARMY M16 MGMC Self-propelled Anti-aircraft Gun Meat Chopper


              hobby fan 1/35 U.S. M16 MGMC Anti-aircraft Gun Crew 4 figures resin


              Hobby Fan 1/35 M-501 Missile loading tractor for MIM-23 HAWK Missile Resin kit


              hobby fan 1/48 F-16 female Pilot w/ flight helmet resin

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